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Sunday, 28 February 2021

Select an Item

Select an Item

To use your Annual Pass start by simply selecting either a 0-3 Years, 4-12 Years or 13+ Years ticket.

After selecting the appropriate type of ticket you will then have to select the date you intend to visit Luna Park. If tickets are available on that day, then click "Add To Cart" where you can apply your Annual Pass discount.

On the next "CART CONTENTS" page you will see an area where you are instructed to "Enter You Pass Number".

PLEASE NOTE. You must include the "P" at the start of your pass number or it will not be recognised. Once you are happy that the ticket type, date of visit and Annual Pass Number are all correct click on the arrow next to the Pass # field to get your 100% discount applied to your ticket!

Please note that if you have more than one Annual Pass and wish to purchase multiple tickets you will need to select a quantity of one ticket at a time and apply a unique Annual Pass number to each ticket. You will not be able to select a quantity of 2 or more tickets and apply more than one Annual Pass to them.

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